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1101 West Grove St
Suite 201
Boise, Idaho 83702

Ph: (208) 345-6064

Vital Links for Healthcare

Vital Healthcare Branding.


Most people agree the healthcare industry is a challenged and complex situation, but some innovative thinkers in Boise, Idaho are doing something new and different about it.


Inofile is a healthcare-specific technology company that is creating vital links between everyone in the continuum of healthcare – patients, providers, insurers, administrators. From strategic brand development and marketing communications to brand and product sales support assets, we created an integrated brand experience for customers, partners and industry peers that elevates the innovative thinking and critical technology work being done by this thriving startup.


The look is fresh and contemporary with a vitality and energy that captures the excitement of the products and solutions being delivered by this progressive company. We’re proud of the differentiating branding work and honored to be part of such a game-changing vision and mission.