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1101 West Grove St
Suite 201
Boise, Idaho 83702

Ph: (208) 345-6064

Travis Dryden

Strategy & Content Director Email Travis

Travis comes to SOVRN with over 20 years of big agency, small agency, startup and military leadership experience in his messenger bag. He’s developed award-winning go-to-market, branding, and targeted B2B and B2C campaigns across a number of industries including agriculture, high tech, automotive, construction and building, retail, education, insurance, healthcare, action sports and consumer lifestyle. In his diverse career, Travis has contributed to the success of Apple, Boeing, Discovery Center of Idaho, Goodyear, Idaho Conservation League, Intel, Jim Beam, Simplot, Lowe’s, Micron, Microsoft, Motorola, Nike, Oakley, T-Mobile and others. Enlisted to advise and support both current and future SOVRN clients, Travis brings his balanced energy (part left brain architect and logistician, part right brain conceptual ‘what if’ thinker) and extensive digital marketing, traditional advertising, and product and brand management skills to our team.

You’ll find Travis to be a passionate family man, music lover and outdoor athlete with a pliant mind, positive vibe and irresistible urges to sketch.