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A Light Seen 'Round the World

Boise, Idaho is home to companies making some incredible products. When ECCO Safety Group engaged a fellow Boise company like SOVRN for the worldwide launch of their revolutionary Axios modular LED lightbar, we were able to help bring the best of Boise to the world. This effort drew upon everything we pride ourselves on here – from global launch planning and channel development strategies to packaging design, web development and product marketing. The asset list on this launch was extensive, the development timeframe intense and the resulting work tells the story best – a genuine product and product launch breakthrough for the somewhat staid industrial safety and automotive aftermarket industry.


Having a leading global manufacturing giant in your backyard can lead to unique opportunities. ECCO Safety Group (ESG) approached SOVRN to provide end-to-end product launch support for an industry-revolutionizing high-tech product release that had been years in the making.


Drawing on years of product management and international branding and launch experience earned with some of the world’s leading high-tech and lifestyle brands, SOVRN principals helped ESG think through key launch challenges and opportunities. Working with ESG leadership and marketing team members, we created a comprehensive launch strategy to inform and drive activities. Next, SOVRN message and design experts crafted a storyline and visual identity that commanded attention and communicated the impact and urgency of this first-of-its-kind modular LED lighting system. Positive early distribution channel response, including notable pre-order commitments, indicates a promising launch and healthy future for this innovative safety and auxiliary lighting system.


– Product Launch Strategy and Planning

– Channel Marketing Strategy and Tactics

– Visual Identity Development

– Strategic Messaging

– Website Development

– Video/Photo Production

– Packaging and Collateral Design