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1101 West Grove St
Suite 201
Boise, Idaho 83702

Ph: (208) 345-6064

Behaviorally Healthy and More

The organization formerly known as Business Psychology Associates was a pioneering voice in the behavioral healthcare infrastructure in Idaho. But after nearly 40 years it was time to make a thorough examination of the brand’s mission and vision, along with its visual identity. Working closely with the leadership team and staff, SOVRN was able to express the enduring attributes of this brand in a fresh and powerful way. The newly renamed BPA Health now speaks with greater confidence and stands well apart from those of national conglomerate competitors. From logo to website, marketing collateral to employee identification, the brand is looking and expressing itself like the proven leader it is.


Even leaders need help telling their stories at times. After more than 40 years pioneering the behavioral health landscape in Idaho, this was the case for Boise-based Business Psychology Associates. When company leaders came to SOVRN to help them re-craft their brand image and create a vibrant, healthy collection of assets that would help them continue their vital public and private sector work.


Working closely with organizational leadership and a trusted peer consultant, SOVRN persuaded the company to make a bold departure from the dated and clinical look all too common in their industry. Using emotive and triumphant human imagery and a positively striking color palette, we visually transformed the brand while helping them craft a new name (BPA Health) and succinct messaging points that capture both their philosophy and offerings. The new look and brand positioning is currently helping the company attract new business while improving perceptions of both value and service with existing state and corporate clients.


– Brand Strategy and Positioning

– Logo and Tagline

– Strategic Messaging

– Marketing Strategy and Tactics

– Website Development

– Collateral and Business Support Materials