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Go On...Take the Pledge!

In collaboration with House of Davis, SOVRN created a campaign to challenge Idaho’s students to take the ‘Go On’ Pledge, which asks students commit themselves to pursuing some form of training or education after high school.


The students in Idaho have access to different technology. Some have smartphones, others use public computers, while many use Mom’s phone to text. So, we had to build a system that would allow students to take the pledge via text messaging, a traditional computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. But more importantly, we wanted the experience to push the limits of whatever device the student was using.


The system we created allowed students to unlock badges for completing important tasks in school, such as visiting a college or applying for financial aid. Plus, it offered information on what options there are after high school. This was supported through online banners, a motion graphics television commercial, and a sponsored ‘Go On’ day at a BSU football game which featured in-game digital billboards and a DVD featuring several of the players given to fans after the game. In addition to campaign branding, we created an embeddable counter that schools, media outlets, and other partners could easily add to their website to show a real-time count of the number of kids that had taken the ‘Go On’ Pledge.


– Campaign Branding

– Print Collateral

Website & Mobile Development / SMS Messaging System


– Event Displays

– Advertising: TV, Outdoor, Online