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Boise, Idaho 83702

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BSU Ed Tech - Brilliant minds building a new generation of education influencers

Technology in education is a growing topic, especially with recent emphasis on STEM: science, technology, engineering and math in the classroom and beyond. Lucky for Idaho, Boise State University has one of the nation’s best programs for helping educators understand and integrate technology into teaching and life as they grow their skills and build their credentials.


This campaign effort picks up on SOVRN’s previous brand awareness-building work that received international recognition and broadened the program’s appeal to thousands of diverse prospects. Because the department’s leadership and staff are such a draw to students, we created this self-promotion campaign to help widen the awareness and appeal of this all-star group of innovators. The work takes a light-hearted and self-effacing look into the lives of these educational technology experts, who are anything but typical in their field. The larger-than-life designs paired with factual content will be rolled out across numerous mediums – print, collateral and digital marketing – to ensure BSU’s best people are helping draw in the best students to this self-funded and rapidly-growing certificate and degree-granting program.