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Supporting community health takes strong partnership.

As an organization, St. Luke’s recognized a great opportunity to demonstrate the numerous meaningful actions it takes to improve healthcare and support our growing statewide population. Through our work on the St. Luke’s Supports campaign, SOVRN is actively partnering with this large regional employer to help them turn opportunity into action and public engagement.


2015 was a pivotal year for Idaho’s St. Luke’s Health System. Growth opportunities presented challenges at every turn and the brand was in need of a win with consumers. For the organization’s 2015 annual marketing campaign, we took a new and different strategic approach that would help audience’s see the healthcare leader in a different light.


As the definition of healthcare was evolving around them, St. Luke’s communications and marketing looked to SOVRN for help navigating the consumer climate. Working with local consumer feedback data and research-driven recommendations from a national healthcare PR firm, we created a sensible, partner-focused communications plan that would demonstrate the brand’s diverse and far-reaching community partnership efforts. By focusing on the unexpected ways St. Luke’s was collaborating with local life health partners we were able to create powerful brand moments in advertising and event marketing that would educate and engage healthcare consumers in key geographies. Collectively, the work told a rich story of deep and meaningful connections to local food, fitness, alternative transportation and allied health careers education and involved audiences like never before. On social and in assessment surveys, the positive response convinced St. Luke’s leaders to continue the effort into 2016.


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