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1101 West Grove St
Suite 201
Boise, Idaho 83702

Ph: (208) 345-6064

Quality. Value. Excellence. In All They Do.

Upon completion of a refresh of their recruitment materials, Western States Cat asked SOVRN to take on their entire corporate brand. This took the form of posters, a new company overview brochure and a video. The challenge was to take Western States’ vision of, “quality, value and excellence in all we do” and infuse it with meaning so that their customers could relate to it on a ground level.


Western States Cat tasked us with creating a campaign around their company vision – “Quality, value and excellence in all we do.” As anyone in marketing can tell you, those are three of the most clichéd, meaningless words used by major companies. Our job was to infuse them with meaning anyway.


We chose to first acknowledge that these words have been sucked dry of their meaning through overuse, then invested them with real purpose by “taking them back” and explaining the real-world implications of the words.


– QVE Identity

– Brochure

– Posters

– Company Overview Video