Idaho Transportation Dept.
Integrated Campaign
Project Summary

The Idaho Transportation Department came to SOVRN looking to help in their effort to fulfill its mission of safety by reducing distracted driving crashes in Idaho. We moved away from traditional negative messaging about distractions and instead focused on increasing driver engagement. The goal was to create a positive messaging platform that builds off the shared values and beliefs to grow good behavior. This included many different pieces, including the video production of a trio of stories featuring real people going about their lives, a microsite to house the information, different printed pieces, and a wide range of branded swag.

Hills Person on a car Driving in the Moment Free from Distractions Shift is a movement, helping Idaho reduce distracted driving incidents by encouraging conversations about engaged driving.
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ITD Shift screen
#drivewellidaho Shift Idaho Badge
Shift Idaho Poster Shift Idaho Poster Shift Idaho Poster Shift Idaho Poster
Shift standing signs
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Their work has created a new standard of excellence at our agency. – ITD