SOVRN Studio

The Space to Create

Our in-house production studio allows the SOVRN creative team to create podcasts, vidcasts, build prototype sets for CGI sequences, host photo & video shoots and more. Not only does it give us a great production area but it also accelerates ideation. We can rapidly record voice-overs in the sound booth, test shoot, build sets and more to keep the creative process flowing and our clients happy.


Audio Studio

From voice-overs and narration to radio commercials and podcasts — our audio studio has all the goods to make a professional recording. Equipped with a monitoring station and switchboard, the soundproofed booth is also great for live phone interviews.

Set Design

With 1200 square feet to work with, we can transform our studio space into pretty much any set you can imagine. From a spaceship to a modern office setting — our studio can be designed to tell your story.


We have a range of video lighting gear to create any mood you want. The LED lights make the space dynamic and easy to work with.

Cyclorama Wall

Our white cyclorama wall is a sleek, clean blank canvas that, along with a variety of backdrop options, provides the perfect place to realize any creative vision.

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