Don’t just make a presentation – make an impression

Premium Live Content and Video Cast Production. Trade shows are out and video conferences are here to stay. We take the boring Zoom call and turn it into an engaging event for product launches, executive presentations and training events. Let us help you plan, stage and host a professional, streamlined event that will deliver your message in a dynamic way and set your online event apart from the rest.

Live Stream Event Services

Event Planning

• We work with you to understand the scope and objectives of your event
• Format and flow design, engineered to accommodate varying audiences and attention spans
• Carefully managed runtimes for segments – both live and pre-recorded

Content Production

• Our storytelling experience can help develop compelling and entertaining content
• In-house, on-location and in-studio services for all aspects of the production
• Full pre and post production, including capture, editing, motion graphics, 3d animation and rendering, audio and sound design

Live Event

• We have a full crew available for setup and deployment of equipment – we make the event happen
• Cameras, sound capture, lighting and set design
• Testing and troubleshooting of all technical aspects to ensure a smooth presentation
• Rehearsals and run throughs, technical tests and presenter practice
• Robust backups and plan-B scenarios to maintain smooth operation throughout
• Day-of directing and vision mixing for the event
• Direction of video and presenters, coordination of equipment with live and pre-recorded elements

Event Wrap-up

• All live events can be recorded and made available for future use (gated video content, social media posts or other on-demand content)
• Supplemental landing pages, intake forms, questionnaires, collateral, follow-up materials, branded merchandise and more – all designed to boost engagement with your audience.

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