Western States

Western States Cat
Brand Development
Project Summary

Our work with Western States CAT covered many different aspects of brand design and development, ranging from video production to recruiting campaigns. Additional marketing motions included a NASCAR-themed fantasy racing promotion, a VIP event and kit complete with custom work gloves and other merch for their top customers, and helped them conceptualize, market and capture a heavy equipment rodeo event across their regional locations.

With all due respect to Black Sabbath, metal doesn't get heavier than this.
About as far away as you can get from a cubicle. It's a dirty job but someone gets to do it. Our shop can beat up your shop. Dirt. Sun. Rigorous conditions. And those are the perks!
There's nothing casual about our Fridays.
We don't sweat the small stuff, we sweat all the stuff. In all we do. Quality Rock 'N' Roll Be fishing.
WSE promotional materials CAT Equipment
Western States Rodeo promotion Western States Rodeo patch
Girl cheering
Right on target promo materials
WSE Dump Hunger promo materials WSE Website
WSE Target website
Project Stats
Recruitment Page Traffic
Up 290%
Rodeo Event
12 Locations - 750 Competitors
CAT Marketing Excellence Award
3 years in a row
Pounds of Food Raised
When we were looking for a creative partner, many “vendors” applied, but only one truly rose above the rest, and that was SOVRN Creative. – Western States CAT